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Sunglasses are often associated with vacation, white beaches and turquoise sea. The oceans and beaches belong to all of us and it is our job to protect them. Endless consumption in connection with globalization has caused a lot of plastic waste that is floating around in the seas and on the beach. SEYU wants to lead with a positive example and support organizations that inform, inspire and encourage action to combat plastic pollution. Start a new wave of change with SEYU!


The oceans are big. Cleaning up the Great Pacific Garbage Patch would take thousands of years and tens of billions of dollars using traditional methods, such as ships and nets. It is estimated that the passive systems of the ocean cleanup can remove 50% of the large Pacific dump in just five years and at a fraction of the cost. The system consists of a 600 meter long tube that floats on the water surface. Attached to it is a curtain that holds the plastic parts until they can be picked up by a ship. The system does not require any additional energy sources, the ocean currents ensure that the floating plastic waste gets into the network of the waste channel.



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