We want to create added value for society

From the beginning, our focus has been developing a sustainable business model. At SEYU, we do not follow the short-term maximization approach, but strive for long-term social solutions for our environment.


Our principle of shared value makes a sustainable contribution to people, animals and the environment. We focus on connecting social and economic progress. That's why we donate 5% of our Sunglasses sales to the following teams:


Team ocean & beach

Team wildlife & nature

Health & Research Team


Each team dedicates its work to a specific topic. These range from research on diseases, rescue of endangered animals to the cleaning of beaches. Every year we select three different organizations.


For each Sunglasses you buy on our website, you can choose which team you would like to support. In this way you can decide for yourself which topic is important to you.

Click on the appropriate team to learn more about the organizations we are donating to in 2020.


Let's make the world a little better - every day! We count on you. #weSEYU




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